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Reflecting the deceased’s life
There are many ways to reflect the life of the deceased. Including:

  • Personalised coffins – using high quality image wrapping , designed to reflect the life, or lifestyle, of your loved one’s. Your imagination is the only limit.
  • Memorials – choose from a variety of headstones, kerb surrounds, memorials and plaques.

  • Tribute Flowers – we can offer a range of floral arrangements, including wreaths,  sprays and named tributes, All these can be purchased or rented.
  • Symbolism – this could include anything from releasing doves, to using symbolic articles supporting a wide range of religions.
  • Mementoes – to place on top of, or inside, the coffin.
  • Photography and videography – have the day captured visually with the latest technology including Drones and virtual reality camera equipment. We will provide beautiful imagery for you to treasure.

Heavenly Fireworks

  • Offers a unique yet personal way to commemorate the loss of a loved one by scattering their cremated ashes high into the sky by way of a beautiful and spectacular fireworks display     .An unforgettable moment of reflection, never forgotten, as sadness and grief are replaced by wonderment and celebration, as the journey towards closure begins.
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Scattering of Ashes Ceremonies

  • Drone Scattering – If your loved one wished to be scattered and you have been considering how best to accomplish this but haven’t been able to find the right method or location, drone scattering service could be what you have been looking for.
  • We use a customised drone to fly above almost any location (pending flight approvals) for a professional ash scattering service. You might like to consider flying over a beach, sea or river, football Ground, golf course or any other location of significance – to release your loved one’s ashes in a special send-off.

Funeral stationery
We can supply a full range of traditional and modern funeral stationery. This includes:

  • Order of service – these can include the deceased’s name and funeral details , with the option of adding any photographs or art work of your choosing.
  • Book of remembrance – mourners can sign this in person. A book of remembrance is a traditional keepsake to capture the thoughts and well wishes of those who attended the funeral.